Expectations for Parents

If you are looking for therapy for your teen, we’re happy to help!

We do want you to know a few things about how we work, to make sure we are the best fit for you and your child. Our therapists have years of experience working with teens, and we have found it best for the therapy process to work with teens who want to be in therapy. We want therapy to be a positive experience that feels safe and affirming, not like a punishment.

If your child is at risk of harm, you will be informed right away.

If your child is safe however, what we share with you will be limited to what your teen wants you to know. Their confidentiality matters in the relationship building process. If there is a custody order, we will need a copy of that to ensure we are communicating appropriately with the right parties at the right times.

We do expect parent involvement and will schedule time with you to check in as needed.

We expect regular attendance from your teen. We want your input on the goals we set in therapy, but more importantly we want to know what your teen wants to get out of therapy. We will work to manage these at times, differing goals to have the desired outcome-a teen with better coping skills who is able to communicate their feelings openly with people they trust. We want to help build more positive relationships for you and your child, and ensure your child has the support they need to succeed. 

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