Gender Affirming Care Letters of Support Package

Being Human Group provides assessments for gender-affirming surgical procedures as well as hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers. 

As a seasoned, trans competent therapist, Becca Gerlach, LMSW has great familiarity with the process of writing letters of support for cross-hormone treatment and surgical procedures as well as the WPATH Standards of Care. This is offered as a stand- alone service; meaning that you can schedule sessions with Becca just for an assessment, rather than ongoing therapy. As someone who’s committed to not be a gatekeeper in trans healthcare, Becca does not require a set number of sessions before this letter will be completed. People may use insurance benefits for sessions or pay the self-pay rate of $150 per session. Additionally, Becca Gerlach has signed the GALAP pledge, and provides two free sessions per month for those seeking an assessment for gender-affirming healthcare.

If your insurance company requires two letters, there are other trained therapists in the practice that can provide a secondary letter on a sliding fee scale.

If you need resources such as medical providers, name change support, gender marker change support Being Human Group is happy to help and share referrals to providers and resources.

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