Comprehensive Trauma Assessments

Being Human Group provides comprehensive trauma assessments.

The trauma assessment includes a written report that may assist in better understanding your needs.  Recommendations are made for home, therapy, school, or work and extend beyond typical treatment planning goals. Psychoeducation around trauma and the impact on the brain and nervous system will be provided to you during the assessment process. You do not have to be an ongoing therapy client at Being Human Group to schedule a trauma assessment.

The assessment process typically takes 3-4 hours between in-person or telehealth interviews (usually over the course of a week), and information you provide via secure forms in our patient portal. Our team is happy to assist in filling out these forms if that is more comfortable for you.

You will receive your comprehensive written report within two weeks of your assessment unless otherwise specified by your therapist.

Differential diagnoses are ruled out during this process as well.

The assessment screens for depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. We will review the current impact past trauma plays in your life, how you view yourself and the world around you, and what your strengths are. Our assessments are a collaborative process with you to best support you on your journey to healing.

The assessment and report come at a packaged price of $500.

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