Psychedelic Integration TherapyĀ in Plymouth, Michigan

Psychedelic Integration and Immersion Sessions

Psychedelic experiences have been shown to be healing on many levels, but these experiences can be challenging as well. Whether you're currently in ketamine therapy, have had experiences with other psychedelics, or are just curious we're here to help.

Most healing occurs when there is an integration of these experiences into your present awareness. Whether you've had a challenging journey or one that has sparked insight and awareness, uniting those experiences into your everyday life is essential to your understanding, healing, growth moving forward toward your more authentic self as well as being more present in your life in general.

Becca Gerlach, LMSW CAADC and Jackie Martin LLMSW are honored to hold this healing space for your integration.

Please email [email protected] for information on pricing and logistics.

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  • Psychedelic Integration Session of Personal Experiences: 60 minutes $150
  • Private Immersion Experience: inquire by email for pricing
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