Expectations for Clients

As a client of Being Human Group, you can expect to feel safe and heard.

We’re a group of empathic, nonjudgmental real people, who have been on the other side of the couch. You can ask us questions, and make sure we are the right fit for you - the therapeutic relationship is so important.

We will work together to set goals, and work toward your healing journey.

We want to know you, and we believe you are the expert on you! We’re here to listen and help connect the dots. We want to help you build insight and curiosity to get to know yourself better.

You can expect us to show up for you, to challenge you, to hold space for you, and to care about you!

We believe therapy works best when you are ready and able to participate once per week. We do see some clients more often, and some clients less often-it completely depends on your needs and where you are in your healing journey.

To get started, you will receive an email from the client portal...

...after you reach out telling us you want to work with a member of our team (maybe you even had a free consultation call!). In this email you will complete your consents, a brief intake questionnaire, and upload your insurance and payment information. Our biller will provide you with a breakdown of your insurance coverage, and if you are paying cash your therapist will verify the rate with you. Therapy can occur in person or online. You can expect to receive appointment reminders from our patient portal as well.

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