Coaching for Parents of Questioning, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children and Teens

with Becca Gerlach, LMSW CAADC


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Are you the parent of a trans or gender non-conforming kiddo? Are you unsure how to help them begin their transition? Are you unsure about how you feel? You want to support your child but aren’t sure where to begin and may be having trouble allowing yourself to feel your own emotions about the change.

I’ve worked with many parents on their journey to becoming their true selves. It’s hard to know where to begin, and which providers are going to help. Maybe you’re not sure how to navigate the insurance maze, find support, or struggle to know how to talk to extended family about this change. No matter where you are in this process I’m here to help.

I offer parent coaching as a short-term intervention to provide you with the tools you need to support your child and yourself on this path. I offer here-and-now tools and resources to get you connected and help you help your kiddo. I’m WPATH trained and work to keep up with the literature.

No matter where your child is in their gender journey, I would love to support you so you can best support your child.

Some examples of services offered:

Intake Appointment

90 minutes — $150-$225

This appointment is generally required for all prospective parent coaching clients. We will spend 90 minutes discussing your background and history, where your child is on their journey, as well as your specific needs and goals. The point of this session is to create the foundation for our future work together, and to help me understand you as a parent so I can best meet your needs.

Locating Service Providers


For many folks, knowing where to look and how to find trans-affirming providers can be a confusing and exhausting process. I will research to find trans-affirming providers for any service - medical, cosmetic (hair, makeup, electrolysis, etc), tailoring, support groups, mental health, etc. If needed, I will personally call the provider and ask questions as if I were a prospective client in order to screen for appropriate behavior. (Note: this requires two hours minimum if you do not already work with me)

Surgery Prep/Hormone Prep


If your child is getting ready to start their medical transition, I can help you mentally and emotionally prepare for the journey. This includes answering all of your questions (although I know a lot about this topic, I will also always do my best to direct you to peer-reviewed sources when available, as well as reflect anecdotal evidence when appropriate), assistance in finding providers, navigating insurance issues, advice on nutrition and other physical health issues, and supporting you through the process so you can best support your child.

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