Hi, I'm David!


So you’re looking for the right therapist. I’ve heard and know personally this can be a challenge! Having the right fit and the right therapist can make all the difference in reaching your goals.

I often think there are either really good fits, good enough, or simply not the right one for me. Hopefully this page helps you in finding out if I am a good fit for you

In the therapy room:

I’ve been told I’m not a stuffy therapist. I specialize in working with young adults and adults who struggle with trauma, relationships, personality issues, depression, and anxiety. I work best with people who are motivated to put in the work to reach their full potential, and it’s my goal to help you stay on that path. I believe in always creating a safe environment that is judgment and criticism free, but brutally honest when necessary.

I believe in completely accepting you, walking with you at your pace, but also challenging you so we don’t stay stuck in the same place! Therapy can be fun! But therapy can also be tough, and I always want it to be a very human experience :) You can always expect to be listened to and not treated as if I am the expert of you. I look at therapy like a puzzle, where you bring in all the pieces and we put the puzzle together. I also bring some tools to help us solve this thing!

My specialty areas include:

Personality issues, anxiety, depression, psychosis

My Training:

I’ve always been curious about spirituality, the mind, the universe and its everlasting weirdness. I want to understand the causes of things in order to understand how we can change things. I believe at everyone’s core is a loving center, where we all have a shadow that surrounds it, and liberating this loving core is the true purpose of therapy.

I received both my degree in psychology and Masters in social work at Michigan State University. At MSU was where I worked within the juvenile justice system for 4 years, as well as trained to become a therapist. I have been practicing individual therapy for 4 years.

Outside the Office:

I love blending the ancient with the modern. Mixing together a study of neuropathology, biology of the nervous system/brain, with holistic practices such as meditation, sound healing, yoga. I love learning more and more about these things outside of the office and incorporating their practices into my daily life. I prefer being up north in the wild, spending time to myself or with family and friends. Talk to me about what you love! I’d love to know more about you.

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