Intention in the New Year

Jan 08, 2023

We’re one week into 2023! We’ve survived thus far, through COVID and crisis, ups and downs, the good and the bad.  One thing we’ve learned is that intention matters.  Where we set our focus, how we speak to ourselves and our loved ones, what we’re manifesting in the new year-all require intention. 


My intention this year is to continue to build this practice to serve you.  Being human is fucking hard. Feeling your emotions, letting yourself be, all of it can be so hard.  There are plenty of times when I have zero desire to acknowledge my own feelings, let alone feel them.  But this year, my intention is to slow down enough to do so, to notice where I am, to be grateful for this journey. 


My intention is to balance my work and personal life, and to help you bring more balance to yours.  We can only do this by slowing down, noticing how we feel and what feels best-doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.  We need to take the time to work with ourselves, instead of against.


Often our resolutions fail because our intentions behind them aren’t authentic to us, to our goals, our lives.  Let’s scrap the resolutions and instead focus on finding our truer selves, our own intentionality to heal and slow down. 


I hope the new year brings you nothing but peace and ease, and if that seems far away let us help you on your journey to heal, to be more human with all the beauty and mess that brings.  Let us help you find more ease and balance by slowing down, being with your feelings, and taking a breath.  Love to you all this year! Hope to hear from you soon!