Hi, I'm Courtney!

Welcome, I'm glad you're here!

Congratulations on making it to this space! It can be really difficult to know when to reach out for help for yourself or your child. The purpose of this page is for you to get to know me and my therapeutic style to see if I would be a good fit to collaborate with you on your journey. My goal is to create a safe, calm, and empathetic space for my clients.Ā 


In the therapy room

I get to know you and what your goals and hopes for therapy are. I then work with you to create a plan that fits your individualizedĀ needs and hopes. During sessions I incorporate various techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, or art therapy depending on what matches best with your needs.Ā 

My specialty areas

I specialize in working with children, teens, and young adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and health related challenges. As someone who has been a school social worker for many years I also have a strong skill setĀ in working with children and teens who experience struggles at school which could range from school refusal, school anxiety, or special needs. I know that navigating the different systems in our society such as school, healthcare, etc can be difficult and you do not have to do any of it alone.Ā 

My background

I have a dual Bachelors degree from University of Michigan-Dearborn in Psychology and Public Health. I then obtained my Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and obtained my certificate in school social work as well. I was also a Health Research and Service Scholar (HRSA) where I obtained additional training in working with folks who have trauma, chronic pain, and various health conditions. During my MSW program I interned at a community mental health agency providing therapy to children, teens, and adults. I also served as the disability commissioner to the Mayor's office of a local Metro Detroit city. I later then spent several years working as a school social worker in a public school district. Through my work I have found I have a passion for working with children and teens and their families as well as young adults.Ā 

Outside the office

Outside of the office I love spending time with my family. I love learning new things and can often be found reading or taking a class on a new skill. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, trying new coffee shops, painting, drawing, and listening to music.Ā 

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